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About Vanguard

Vanguard Filebank Ltd is part of the Vanguard group of companies with roots that stretch back to 1964. Vanguard became leaders in the field of industrial moving, engineering services and commercial storage and the business developed rapidly through it’s focus on providing quality services. Vanguard became very well-known through high profile assignments such as uplifting Eros from Piccadilly Circus and hanging a tightrope across the Thames.

In recent years the core part of Vanguard has been the provision of storage services and Filebank is a key part of that. Vanguard have followed a simple adage of reinvesting profits from the business into funding growth and it is for this reason that Vanguard Filebank operates from freehold buildings with fully owned assets which are managed by experienced and skilled teams. Managing Director, Mac McCullagh, established the business nearly fifty years ago and is still hands-on today.

At Vanguard we are justifiably proud of the fruits of our labours and the relationships we have built up over many years, we make business straight-forward, enjoyable and entirely focussed to the needs of our customers.

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