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As part of our approach to excellent customer service we respond quickly and clearly to customer enquiries and quotation requests. The more we know about you requirements the easier it is for us to advice on the combination of services that you may require and for us to tailor our offer accordingly. Contact by phone is the best starting point.

We also appreciate that many enquiries are approached on the basis of feasibility as against immediate need and by completing the guide as detailed below it is normally sufficient to enable us to provide you with a quick response.

Please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote and file solution tailored to you.

The service you are seeking

1. Vault or chamber storage for self-access & control. 2. Vault or chamber storage combined with Filebank management services. 

How your files are assembled:

1. Individual A4 lever arch, folders, packets or similar. 2. Files packed into archive cartons. 3. Drawing tubes. 4. Electronic media, tapes, discs drives. 5. Other. 

Anticipated Volume:

1. Up to 400. 2. Up to 1,000. 3. Up to 5,000. 4. Up to 10,000. 5. Over 10,000. 

Anticipated Movement Activity

1. Movements every day. 2. Movements once/twice a week. 3. Movements a few times a month. 4. Very infrequent movements. 5. Storage only, no movements anticipated. 

Your Contact Details.

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  • “Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.”

    The 7th principle of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • Companies are increasingly waking up to the real cost of data losses, especially the cost of losing customers.”

    Phillip Dunkelberger, CEO at PGP Corporation

  • “ Records Management is the process by which an organisation manages all elements of records from inception all the way through to disposal.”

    Information and records management society.

  • “I have been with Vanguard Filebank for the past 10 years. The staff are always helpful, obliging, considerate and flexible to my needs. The high level of site security and its convenient location is an added bonus. They have competitive rental charges and I would recommend them to other users.”

    David Cornish – The Shelving Centre

How to get your file storage

Step One

Scope scale of requirements and contact Vanguard for an exploratory conversation and arrange a meeting date for a more detailed consultation.

More Info On Step One

  • Ask yourself what you want to achieve, the strategic goal.
  • Assess headline scale by number if files, volume of boxes or linear length.
  • Consider what proportion may be redundant & suitable for destruction.
  • Review to what extent, if any, the scale splits between live & dead storage needs.
  • Consider any other segmentation that may be relevant.

Step Two

Meet with Vanguard to review service options and allow Vanguard to gather sufficient technical detail to enable the formulation of proposals.

More Info On Step Two

  • Consider how Vanguard service options, they can be tailor to match your needs.
  • Review Vanguard’s survey output to your own headlines.
  • Formulate methodologies to fit your needs.
  • Ensure all information is available, more is better than less.
  • Sense check to your strategic goal.

Step Three

Review the Vanguard proposals, fine tune and issue letter of intent to Vanguard to proceed to implementation action plan.

More Info On Step Three

  • Review the Vanguard proposals for storage and other services.
  • Undertake a cost – benefit analysis.
  • Filter options as appropriate.
  • Fine-tune and scope implementation plan.
  • Instruct Vanguard.

Step Four

Agree implementation, finalise SLAs and proceed to transition.

More Info On Step Four

  • Work with Vanguard to finalise implementation plan.
  • Consult within your organisation.
  • Establish a working group if appropriate to assist the transition.
  • Finalise SLA and KPIs
  • Reinforce processes to cover the period of change.

Step Five

Service commences, relax, you are now in Vanguard’s hands.

More Info On Step Five

  • Review seamless flow from transition to fully implemented service.
  • Seek feedback, monitor KPIs & review outcomes.
  • Switch to reporting by exception.
  • Introduce regular review pattern to replace project management.
  • Reap benefit of your strategic goals.