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Other services from Vanguard Filebank

One of the benefits of using Filebank is that we do not seek to impose inflexible processes, we tailor our services to suit individual requirements. At the one end of the scale we can simply provide a storage vault for a customer to have self-access and control, at the other end of the spectrum we can provide a comprehensive management service to include tracking, collections/retrievals, activity reporting, segmented billing, cataloguing, life-cycle planning, scanning and confidential destruction.

Our aim is to structure our management services to your requirements. We do not seek to over-complicate what is essentially a core service, simplicity is often the key. We can respond to specific service pre-determined customer parameters or we can guide you through the options to agree the management service which is right for you.

Within the scope of Filebank management services we can provide:

What makes us different

We pride ourselves at Vanguard Filebank in being different and want to stand out from the rest when it comes to the services we offer. Below you will see some of the reasons why we are different from the other storage services and how we put you our customers first.

  • Self Access Image

    Self access.
  • Contract Term Image

    No minimum contract term.
  • Customer Service Team Image

    On-site customer services team.
  • Exit Fees Image

    Minimal exit fees.
  • Vaults and Chambers Image

    Storage in dedicated vaults or chambers.